Boredom - and it has only been a week

After a week - my left foot no longer loooks like it belongs to the Stay Puff Man! It is starting to lok - in size - more similar to my right foot! Which is great, because swelling REALLY hurts!
But look how puffy that ankle still looks. Feels like someone just continually scrapes over it with rough sandpaper...I do know why my husband was thinking about Hawaii - it was because of the tropical sunrise coloration of my foot - yellows, greens, blues, lavendars....

Have no good idea of what caused the linear bruising across my toes - have some guesses - but frankly, I really dont want to know. It is a good thing I got my pedicure BEFORE we went away!!!

This side became much more colorful about 2 days after the injury...and yes, there is some residual swelling as you can tell from the sock line, but it is also the pressure of the boot on the sock (which I have to wear because of the scrapes on top of my ankle)

Poor Jack-the-Dog has no clue what is going on. He only knows that I am home with him all the time and he loves it - I do keep warning him that eventually I will go back to work. Oh, and he does not like my crutches at all!

Hey - I made it outside! Only one small-ish step to get back in! This is after I re-potted the geranium. And watching hubby clean the pool and plant some seeds that we had forgotten about.

Well, it was a lovely day out yesterday - car ride, shopping, out back. And I paid for it later. You know that feeling you get just before you get a cramp in your leg??? Well, I get those in my calf and my foot....and you know, they way to get rid of it is to stand on that leg??? Well, I cant do that so I just grin and bear it until the tylenol kicks in. And I also learned not to drink ice tea at night - because I desperately needed to get up at 0430 to make a bathroom...hobble. Very scary in the dark, on crutches. And then after that, I could not get back to sleep....guess the tylenol was totally worn off. About the time hubby got up to go play golf, I was getting to the point I could fall asleep again. And I dozed off and on and finally got up about 0930! Such luxury!


MLJ1954 said…
Lovely shades of bruising. I hope you heal quickly.

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