Goodbye Spring...Hello Summer

Today was officially my last day with my nurselings. And altho we had a very good semester, and I enjoyed them all, I am glad. Even tho they arent 12 hour days - doing my 2 12 hr shifts at work + my 3 days with them every week is just tiring. Of course, this means going back to 3 12 hour shifts/week and I am sure I will complain about that soon enough!

They gave me the loveliest card - and a pink miniature rosebush that I have already placed outside! And one of them gave me the most beautiful Swaroksi Breast Cancer Ribbon charm in honor of my Bras For The Cause Walk!!!! They almost made me teary!

I am a little teary knowing that I will not be able to go to graduation next week. I had so looked forward to it - it is such an accomplishment to see how they mature into nurses thru the program. But that same night is when my son-in-law is getting honored as Berkeley Police Officer of the Year and I had to choose family over students!

We will be going away this weekend! Our first trip this year! Our last one was cancelled because someone (who shall remain nameless - and it wasnt me!!!) got sick. So I cant wait. But it is killing us - now that we have our next vacation all planned out - we are seeing some of the greatest Hawaii deals ever!!!!! Oh well...

Look at our garden! Got the raised bed finished and hubby planted the plants last night while I was finishing student evaluations. Not sure the placement is what I would have chosen (I did make him seperate the 3 corn plants from each other instead of planting them all in one...) but cannot complain when someone else does all the work! All I did was cart and carry the bags of dirt over to be put into the planter (and watched out for that little grey mouse that was hiding under them!)


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