Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

There is nothing better than being woken up early on Mother's Day - after a 6 mile walk the day before when you have done a very embarrassing belly flop onto the sidewalk - to HAVE to get to OSH to make sure that you get the FREE Mother's Day orchid corsage!!!

Of course, it was gratifying to know that I was able to actually get out of bed...but considering I was not able to fall asleep until sometime after 1 AM and then be woken up before 0730...well....just wait until Father's Day!!!

And yes, we did get the corsage....and then also went to Home Depot....what were we doing? Getting stuff together for the raised garden bed he is going to build next weekend for me...

Then we went over to what is becoming traditional - my oldest daughter does a brunch for everyone - even tho she should be taking it easy and celebrating Mother's Day herself! But it is always excellant food - and we enjoy her in-laws - and of course the chance to see the boys so it is wonderful. This is when I found out that mimosa's did not bother my split lip but sparkling water did!

Thanks to his new girlfriend, even my son made it this year! Much to the absolute delight of his nephews - here is Connor getting a SuperMan ride (even tho it killed his shoulder and his allergies were killing him - UncaJohn was not about to disappoint his nephews!!!!!)
And here is the smallest one....the one who looks at everyone else who is walking around with absolute envy! He is learning to walk already - and I know he is going to be a little hellion as soon as he is 100% mobile. Even tho he was snotty and congested and not feeling good - he was still a little sweetheart!

The crazy one in the red shirt? Oh thats just Jack....wearing the cap I knit him to match his blanket....even tho it was in the high 70's that day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And even tho the hat barely fits him anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those are the roses from my son. They look gorgeous against the wall - you cant tell it here, but the wall is a deep gold/yellow color. They are beautiful.
The daughter who does the cooking - also gave me a Border's gift card, and some yummy body butter and lip gloss!
And hubby gave me a lovely necklace with a saying from Eleanor Roosevelt on it - wonderful woman whom I do admire. So intelligent and strong - didnt matter a whit that she wasnt beautiful - she made such an impact on the world. And oh yes, she was quite the knitter too....What does it say? Well, I would have to take it off to remember exactly and my hand is still not working well enough to make that an easy task!
And then to top if all off.....we went to see the new Star Trek movie. Wasnt that a wonderful present? Yeah, not the movie that I would chose to see. But hubby was so supportive about the walk and all this weekend, that I felt he deserved a treat too (even if he is still laughing at me about the fall - I know it is killing him that he didnt get to witness this one!). Besides, it was a way to sit and veg for awhile - which wasnt a great thing becuase I really stiffened up while sitting there. I think when I fell I twisted my back. But today, my back is fine but the muscles in my left upper arm hurt!!!!!! I guess the body parts are taking turns complaining to my klutzy self!

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Jane said...

Sounds like a great Mother's Day, except for the part about not being able to knit! That would have made the movie more enjoyable.