Monday, May 11, 2009

Bras For The Cause Walk

This walk was awesome - silly - exciting - and I cant wait to do it again next year!!!
They estimated over 400 walkers - the preliminary totals (they said donations keep coming in for about a month afterwards) was well over thier goal of $100,000! Our team was the 3rd highest, and we collected over $4600! Thank you - thank you - THANK YOU to all who donated and made this possible!!!!
The walk was marked with pink ribbons and home made signs that were touching and silly! We were monitored by volunteers on motorcycles - in cars with silly signs - and a limo in case you needed assistance. The walk seemed longer than the 6 miles I have done before - but I think it was partially due to going from daylight to nighttime as well as all the stop lights we had to stop at!
I saw areas of Pleasanton I had never seen before! People sitting in the front yards to cheer us on - one fabulous lady in the front window of her house that was waving at everyone - with so much enthusiasm it jsut made you grin wider and walk prouder!

El Luche Libre was there....

And Super Stud won the men's costume prize....yes there were quite a few men walking in bras (should I say 'bros"????). And the Training Bra Prize (for the younger walkers) was actually won by a young man!!!!!!!!

And look - I won a door prize! A beautiful pink (Pink Promise) rose bush!!!!
And hubby and son-in-law and grandsons turned out to watch my daughter and myself walk (she wasnt on our team, but she walked with us) as two different viewing sites!! That was neat too!
And all my worries over my fellow team mates was for naught....I was the one who ended up with the battle wounds. Yes, as humiliating as it is, I admit it, I was the one who fell. Luckily my whole team was way ahead of me when this happened, and it was jsut my daughter and I....and lots of strangers!!!! who got to see me faceplant!
Two sections of sidewalk were under repair. And they were topped with lumpy, bumpy, uneven asphalt. And somehow, as my husband predicted would happed, I fell. Must have been quite a site - even one of the Pleasanton Community Officers who were patrolling the walkers, sped up, flipped a u-y and came back to check on me. Total humiliation.
I got up - knew nothing was broken - not too much bleeding - checked my teeth!!!! (cause I am sick and tired of the dentist)......scrapes and abrasions on my mouth, nose, and forehead (the moth is the worst and is quite colorful - only hurts when I drink sparkling water!!!) - and a pock marked, bruised knee - both my hands with cuts and bruising. My rings were all ok - altho one finger is so swollen I cant get the ring off yet!! and my camera was fine.....but boy my glasses took a beating - all bent and scratched up.
My poor baby looked quite abused right hand is still swollen - and the worst thing is, I cant close my hand enough to knit!!! I am truly suffering....LOL!!!
But you know what? Knowing what the walk was for - seeing Survivors there walking and volunteering - I know that my bumps/bruises are only temporary and I thank God for that (altho that evening I laid in bed knowing I have been lucky so far but one of these days I will break something - they didnt call me Miss Grace for nothing while I was growing up)!
And yes, my family is still laughin at me....

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Jane said...

You really did take one for the cause! I'm glad that you didn't break anything - congratulations to you and your team!