Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photos & Bored Ramblings

Aren't these beautiful? My dear friend in PA, Amy, sent them to me. Ironic since it was not too long ago that I sent her flowers after she broke her shoulder! I was luckier than she was tho - she required surgery and is now partially put together with hardware!
Sexy isnt it? Hurts like heck to put on - and when my foot swells - but in between my ankle really appreciates it! When I asked why they make it only in black, the MD assured me that if I were someone like Paris Hilton I could probably order it in pink....I think black goes better with many different things than pink would, dont you?

Hmm, how to take a shower? Cant make it up all the stairs to the tub hubby came up with this idea! If it can make it thru different weather outside, it can make it thru a shower with a towel over the seat!! This weekend we will look for a shower seat...gosh, it makes me feel like an old old woman...

Ahhh, the sign to the infamous hike. Wish I had thought to take a photo of the place I fell, but I wasnt thinking too clearly at that time...

Isnt this awesome? Moose antler carving.....this is in the restuarant at the Narrow Gauge Inn...

A photo to show how low the water is in Bass Lake.

I thought turtles were slow and sure. This little guy was moving across the road pretty fast. By the time I drove down the road a bit and turned around to get a better photo, he was already gone!

I think this could have been drawn about my house. The birds are devastated that I do not fill their bird feeder often. But I only fill it when I know I will be home to keep the squirrels away so that the birds actually get something to eat! And yesterday, on my way out to the MD, there were 2 of them sitting in the front yard eating something....and I swear laughing at me when they saw the crutches - cause they knew I couldnt chase them!!!
Visited the MD yesterday. He agreed that it is such a clean fractuer I do not need casting. But he is more conservative than the MD at the Urgent Care and is predicting 6 - 8 weeks. I see him again in a month and have another XRay taken before so we (he) can check on the healing process.
I cried like a little baby yesterday when I wrote the emails cancelling our trips to Cambria and Napa. But we are still thinking about whether or not we can maeit to see Spamalot. I did find out that we can rent a wheelchair - and may be even have the insurance pay for it. No matter what, we will rent one. Otherwise I am really going to go stir crazy!
Yesterday was so exhausting. Getting up and taking a shower - going to the MD. Then later we went out to lunch and then started our search for the boot the MD prescribed to wear at night. Supposed to be one stop shopping and we ended up having to go to 3 different places before we got it. At one point I actually fell asleep in the car while waiting for my very patient hubby. He has been so wonderful thru all this - he says it is payback for all the times I took care of him - no matter what, I HATE HAVING TO BE WAITED ON!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iam doing my best to rest up because tonight is the awards dinner for my son-in-law who is accepting the award for the Berkeley Officer of the Year! I am only praying there are no steps at this place....

And congrats to the Chabot College School of Nursing Class of 2009 who are recieving their pins tonight! Wish I could be there - I am so proud of all of you - you have worked so hard!

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