Monday, November 16, 2009


Hopped on BART today and went to SF to run some errands - mainly to find some shoes for a wedding this weekend and our work Christmas Party in early December.
These really are the type of shoe I love - sexy and beautiful -I use to be a huge shoe freak but kinda outgrew it. But I still love beautiful ones even tho I usually go for comfort first.

But remember what happened to me in late May? You know, the broken left ankle and becoming a couch potato for allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of summer. And hearing that 100% healing properly will not really be completed for a whole year.
I tried on shoes. I drooled over sexy dressy sandals that I knew would be ankle turners....I tried on and lusted after these really cute purple (eggplant purple) ankle boots with heels.
And in every thing I tried on, I had discomfort even when my foot/ankle didnt turn. They turned in most of them. I came home with none. I came home very depressed. Shoot, I almost started bawling right there in DSW. Told hubby that I guess I might as well go out and just buy some black sneakers to wear.......
Dropped some money at Williams-Sonoma; and found that the knives hubby loves have a sale going on so will probably have to sneak there alone sometime. Got some nifty tea at the tea shop. Restrained myself at Borders because I still have several gift cards for Barnes and Nobles!
And of course we had Blondie's for lunch....
Macy's has their windows papered over as they are getting them ready for Christmas. And the old City of Paris store does not have their huge beautiful tree up. They were just putting up the Union Square tree. So nice to see places that have not rushed into Christmas already!!!!!!!!!
And the day was BEE-YOU-TI-FUL! Sunny and cool and not crowded!

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Birdsong said...

Did you take a look at Keens? They have been working up 'dressier' flats, with the same wider toe boxes and molded soles. You won't feel like they are sexy, but at least could get something more like a flat or mary jane and not like a sneaker. Born is another good brand for that... I developed a morton's neuroma in my left foot over the summer that feels like a rock under the ball of my foot (it has gotten a bit better since, but not gone), and have had to give up most of my shoes. You have my shoulder to cry on.