I've missed so much!

This handsome guy turned SEVEN on Wednesday and I did not even post a Happy BIrthday here! I feel badly about that.
This is grandson (grandchild) #1. It has been a wonderfully short 7 years since he was born - I still remember going over to his house a few days after he and his mama went home. His papa fixed spaghetti for his mama and daddy while we got to hold him!

And of course, that also means I did not post a thank you for all the men and women in the Armed Forces because his birthday and Veteran's Day are one and the same. But I thank each and every one of you each and every day. May you all stay safe.

It has been very busy at work. Lots of babies being born - and lots getting admitted into the NICU. I guess it is a blessing that we stay busy as that means job security. Especially since the rest of the hospital is pretty slow. Which means they are cracking down on the budget and over time and all. Of course, it is pretty coincidental that all this happens around the time we are supposed to find out how much of a COLA we are to recieve...

I am also blessed. I have a wonderful husband who spoils me rotten. Especially now that he is retired and has more time to do so! He made the best baked snapper fillets this week - with a lovely sauce of garlic, artichoke hearts, green pepper and I dont know what all. But it was the best I ever had. And tonight I just finished eating the galumpki's he made this week - while he is eating a stuffed bell pepper! And our freezer is full of home made soup and home made spaghetti sauce!!!


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