Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday to all you crazy people out there! (And you know who you are)

Isnt that a gorgeous wedding cake???? That is from the wedding we went to last Sunday.
I cannot make a pie crust for the life of me - thank goodness for Pillsbury! And I cant make the edges pretty at all either. But I can make the filling from scratch - and then it turns out this pretty and smells even better. It is all I can do to keep hubby's hands off of this until Sunday!

The first friday in more than 2/3 of my marriage that hubby did not have to I didnt work today either and we celebrated! How? By going shopping!
NO....not at any of those shops that encourage the craziness. Went to the Harvest Festival - saw lots of beautiful things - got a few Christmas presents - and forgot to go back and get a couple (darn it all).
And then we went to the grocery store to finish our shopping for Thanksgiving dinner Sunday. Dropped off books at the library and a package at the P.O.
Came home and listened to the rain - sitting in front of our warm pellet stove (something we are definitely thankful for plus the fact it is NOT a No Burn day) and am drinking a lovely glass of wine...

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