Monday, November 2, 2009

Odds and Ends

1. Today is such a lovely day - what makes California special - 80 degrees and it is November - clear and sunny...

2. Do we REALLY need Daylight Savings time anymore? Especially in the medical field it is more of a pain than a plus. You lose an hour of pay at one end of the spectrum.....and work an extra hour at the other end. And there are times that one extra hour is really a killer...Also, how do you chart? When it looks like you ignored your patient for an hour....or how do you give a scheduled dose of medication when the time changes????

3. Spent a lot of money to pit myself thru extra stress. Weeks ago I (and a bunch of other people at my work) took a 4 hour test for specialty certifications. I planned to study all those months I was off work....of course I didnt...but still spent a lot of time studying. Went into the test - and all the questions on the first page - I didnt know a single answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So waitedx 4+ weeks, knowing I had jsut wasted the money - and in the mail comes the information that I passed! UNfreakingbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does it result in a raise? No. Just some personal satisfaction especially since most of the stuff on the test is Level III nursery stuff (which we are not). Wanted to show you the RNC pin I am thinking or ordering - but couldnt find a picture online.

4. Went to the Mall today. Which I never enjoy doing. But needed to go there to look for something for hubby. And I found another reason NOT to go.....I swear every store area we passed was blasting perfume out....different perfume every few stores. Thank goodness I had already taken some allergy med otherwise I truly would have been suffering.

5. Had a very stressful morning at work yesterday. 24- 2/7 baby delivered. The baby did remarkedly well and it all went pretty smoothly. Luckily we had just enough notice to get everybody we needed there, and discuss the plan of care. But what ethical/moral issues brought up by a baby born that early.

6. Finally went to The Cheesecake Factory today for lunch, and I am miserable. All from eating too much - and I brought 1/2 of it home! Very good (very over priced). This was with a gift certificate my students had given to me... thank you!

7. Apparently the Phillies really dont want to win the World Series this year.

8. And how does the Eagles win a game by such a spread Sunday - yet lose to one of the worst teams out there - the Raiders??????

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MLJ1954 said...


Ah, the difference between California and Cleveland . . . it was 37 this morning and the high will be 45!

I never thought about the charting of a patient. I still hate changing times. As my future son-in-law says, everyone blames changing of the clocks on farmers but the cows want to get milk at the same time whether or not the clocks get changed (he is, by the way, a farmer).

I always have tons of food leftover from Cheesecake Factory. What a waste.