Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving week!

"Borrowed" these from a friend's email....loved them!
Went to a beautiful wedding last night. Beautiful venue. It was late afternoon and to be at this venue as day segued into evening and night - it was lovely.
Anyway, it was a second wedding for the nicest person I have ever been honored to know. She always has a smile for everyone - no matter how bad the day - and never says anything bad about anyone. When I started working at the hospital I work at - she and I were on nights together. And then we went to days together - I think I followed her. She has 2 beautiful sons - had a beautiful house that she managed to live thru renovations of while she worked nights and the construction people worked days - and then she was divorced. And no matter what she would say about the circumstances - and it was hard to start over again - she was still smiling and nice....
Then about 2 years ago she met her husband to be. And this nice and smiling person - well, how can you go from that to even more so? But she did. And so I hope this mean that she will have the happiness she deserves!
The wedding was classy - not snobby or prestigious - but classy and relaxed and fun. I think that is what is nice about 2d weddings! And it was fun to see work colleagues all dressed up and having fun!
AND - I wore heels for the first time in 6 months! No - not the sexy ones I wish I could have bought - just plain ole pumps with thick heels - but they were heels. But today I am feeling it - not pain exactly, but tiredness.
Spent yesterday AM cleaning out the freezer. Hubby broke off a bunch of the ice that always forms on the top shelf. But you know - it keeps on freezing well no matter what. And we bought this the summer before oldest daughter was born - and she will be 34 come December! (At least if I have jinxed myself, freezers are the least expensive appliance to long as we discover the issue before all the yummy food hubby has stocked up thaws out!)
And we are sitting around waiting for the repairman to come and see why the dishwasher is not emptying. The dishwasher we got in February. What is it about Thanksgiving??? Hopefully this is minor and can be fixed today. Our largest fiasco at Thanksgiving time is when we had the pipe burst under the house.....or when we were renovating the least then we had appliances, just board covered counter tops!
Our big turkey day will be next Sunday - I work Wed and Thursday - and my daughter works too. Hubby and son will have an un-traditional meal on Thursday. I keep forgetting I do not need to buy all the fixings yet and I start to panic when I think I dont have the things ready yet! LOL.

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