Thursday, March 18, 2010

3 - 3/4 mile walk!

Gorgeous day out! Sunny and warm. Read my schedule wrong so am off today and not tomorrow.

So beautiful out we decided to bag the gym and go on our Sycamore Grove walk. A shorter one today. So I didnt take my camera.....

And so why dagnabit, is it that whenI dont have a camera I see the best things?

The fox trotting up the middle of the road in Yosemite....can't get to my camera.

Mama Bear and her cub crossing the road in front of us in Yosemite....can't get to my camera in time....

The herd of elk in the misty camera.

So when I do keep my camera close by and ready to go....nothing.

Today I dont take my camera to Sycamore Grove - where we see bookin' wooly caterpillers, rabbits, squirrels, woodpeckers, the awesome birds of prey - today we see a BOBCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

%$#^$%^$#@#@!$@#@#W$$%^&^ it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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