Monday, March 29, 2010


I am really not a baseball fan - it is way too slow and boring.......but I LOVE t-ball!!!

This is his version of sliding into home plate - running up to just before the plate and sitting himself down!
I asked him what he was doing out there - exercising? He said "I dunno"
He doesnt like the chin strap so he keeps it over his mouth ... or his nose....once even his eyes!
This is the cute little guy on Saturday....Sunday night he was in ER getting his head stiched - 3 stitches after he ran into the corner of the kitchen counter. Must be something with 4 year old boys - his 4 year old cousin had a head owie glued earlier this month...
Considering we dont know how to grow these - and the weather got hot in between the cold - look at the itsy bitty brussel sprouts we have!

I was pleased that my lilac bloomed again this spring considering it bloomed in December!

Our artichoke plant is still alive!!! YAY!!! And our peppermint survived the freezes and is going crazy. Anyone want some?

Our naked fireplace. Still looking at tiles but think we are very very close. Our neighbor brought the side pieces of the new mantel to check them - they look so good even without the mantel! Dont want to take the stove out yet as it is supposed to be cold and rainy this week.
Can anyone guess what is under that blanket???????

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