Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 miles!

Friday was a wild day - lots of wind - lots of rain. BUT we also got to see our Nevada grandkids for a quick visit. And what a lousy grandma I am - I didnt think to get my camera out!

Got to see and air kiss Owen's glued together boo boo. And am amazed at how tall, skinny, and talkative Kaia is - well, how clearly we could understand her talk! Just wish we could have had more time with them - and could have taken them to the Little League games on Saturday.

Saturday was sunny but quite brisk. Got to see Jack play Little League for the first time! Boy, those little guys look....well....little! And watched Connor play - he didnt get a hit - but his fielding has improved so much since last year!

Today was gorgeous. Sunny and warm. So we went for a 5 mile walk in Sycamore Grove. No real good photos. Things are leafing and flowering - lots of woolie worms - is that what we use to call them?? Boy those things move FAST!

And this is my favorite new thing. MADE IN USA!! And BPA free! Light weight - and even more light weight once it is empty!

In the next few months we are going to have some additions to our house. We are turning our - amongst the most ugly - fireplace into a new one! We are going to re face the brick with tile - whenever and if ever I can choose the tile! And our neighbor is building us a new mantle along with shelves to go on either side of the fireplace. I am the worls worst interior decorator (can you tell??) so this is involving way too many decisions for me.

Since the living room is dark, we are going with light wood for the mantle and shelves, maple to be exact (we have maple cabinets in the kitchen too).

So this pathetic Ikea style cheap bookshelf will be banished to an upstairs room.....

And the TV will go over the fireplace which means we will actually have a living room/coffee table again! (That was actually hubby's great-grandmother's dining room table - his grandmother had the legs cut down to coffee table height).
I cant wait. But I have to.
The next job after that will be the stairs - instead of open stairs where everything falls thru onto the floor underneath - they will be solid stairs - and we are going to enclose the under part into something - closet, drawers, we dont know yet. And replace the ugly ugly ugly iron railing with wood railing.
And I am still slowly digging out the junk room to turn it into an office. Slwoly because I dont have enough time off right now to do much of anything + it kills me allergy wise with all the dust!!!! It will be easier to do once we have that (ugly) bookshelf upstairs too.

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