Fence...and Blathering....

Look what hubby did this weekend! He, and the neighbor, fixed our fence....
....which looked like this after the storms we had in February.
Fixing the fence meant that the fence was completely down this week while he tried to repair sections (we had to totally replace one of them). That meant the dog could not stay outside by himself - which was ok with him - but a pain since we had to stand at the door to watch while he went outside to do his doggy business.
Why? Cause basically dogs are nosy and they like to wander and investigate things.....like our Jack did the night hubby apparently forgot about the fence being down (the fence that he took down himself).
As he wandered around the hosue getting ready for bed - I finally asked him if he brought the dog in...which he hadnt. And why not? Well, because Jack decided to wander over in the dark and investigate the neighbors yard.

See that pool in the neighbors yard?Well, guesss Jack forgot about it and didnt see it in the dark. Cause after yelling for him a bit, hubby found him in the pool hanging on to the edge by his nails. Yes, this dog can swim. Yes, this dog swims in our pool. But apparently he had no idea where or how to get out of this pool cause hubby had to drag him out.

And then dry him off. Only he was mad at the dog - and yelling at him - so he barely dried him off. Now, hmmm.....the dog did what a dog does, and he gets yelled at?????

The way I see it is the man, who forgot to watch him is at fault.....but hey, all is well that ends well - the fence is fixed and now we can start (dont you love all these "we's"!!!) on making another bed for more veggies!

On another note - wanna hear something that makes me feel really really REALLY old??????
Hubby got an invite to his 40th (FORTIETH) HS class reunion! Yes, he is older than me, but he only graduated a year ahead of me so that means mine is next year....oh, I think I am having chect pains! LOL

Anyone seen any cute tie dye bras and leggings? I think I am going to do a tie dye theme for my Bras For The Cause Walk and put peace signs on it....maybe find some glow in the dark paint and paint some peace signs on the bra too.....also got some glow bracelets and necklaces to wear too.....should I get some daisies for my hair??????


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