Monday, August 23, 2010

This week

LOOK! Our first edible corn! We tried a few weeks ago - according to all the advice we could find on the internet - but it wasnt ripe yet. And look at the beautiful cucumbers - we have been getting lots of beautiful cukes - and they are so bitter and nasty that they are inedible.
HOT! today and tomorrow and wednesday - maybe some of our tomatoes will ripen? Saw this chicken yard on our walk in WC the other day. This has gotten to be the popular thing this year. Wonder how many people eventually are able to eat their chickens? I bet not many. I am sure most people only have them for the eggs - and with this egg issue in the midwest I am sur emore people will do it. If we had a larger yard - and they werent stinky and noisy, I would like to do this also...

Isnt this beautiful? Both the boys - but also the scenary!
Sold one of the items on Ebay....9 items up - and only 1 sold so far. Am going to repost a couple at slightly reduced prices.
More pricing of stuff for the garage sale. But too hot to go thru too much more in the garage and upstairs. Luckily (so far) it is not supposed to be that hot this Saturday....well, whatever we find after this will go into the next sale...

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