Weekend Report

Busy weekend. Saturday was our one and only garage sale day. We were worried that the weather would be too hot - after all it had been 105 degrees just a few days before!

Instead, a nor'easter blew thru - wild winds - cold weather - and as soon as we finished setting up at o'darkthirty, IT RAINED! For a few minutes - much more than a drizzle but less than a deluge - would you believe it! Spent a lot of the day exercising by chasing after things being blown away. The sun did come out about 2 hours before we closed up shop...

We sold a bit. Not as much as we would like - but we have a charitable organization coming by Tuesday to cart away the leftovers. A few things we sold - I missed as soon as they were gone! But what were we going to do? Keep them boxed up forever?

And of course, today was bright - blue - sunny - warm but not hot. Took a nice walk in Sycamore grove and then we went on the Wine Tasting Special Train at Niles Canyon Railway.

We first went on this in 2008 and really enjoyed it. Didnt make it last year due to my friends the crutches. Remembered it this year in time to make the last Sunday it was scheduled for.
Get to try local wines - some of which we would never try otherwise. Really enjoyed the Semillion from Cuda Ridge - but I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed the Port from Cedar Mountain. I would normally not even try a port, but I am glad I did - I just added it to my Christmas Wish List!

These ruins are off of Highway 84....would love to know the story behind them...


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