Wow - or should I say whew?

Its been a long time coming, but we are finally going thru JUNK.

My junk...his parent's junk...his parent's junk....leftover kids junk. And trying to deal with it all.

Toss it? Keep it? Give it to the kids? Sell it? Where and how?

You see a lot of the stuff in antique and collectibles shops...but does any of it sell?

He sold the first item on Craigs two listings on Ebay did not sell. Do I try again with a lower price? Or wait awhile to see if the market picks up? Should I agree to sell overseas even tho they each weight ALOT???

Too too too many decisions.

And it is physically and emotionally exhausting.

And then there is the totebox full of old financial records that was leftover from my dad. I am starting to believe that we should have just paid a shredder company to handle it. We have a huge tote full of shredded paper and I do not think I am even 1/2 done. Anyone shipping anything soon? Got lots of shredded packing paper available!!!

The fun part of today was garage sales.....Spend $17.75 and got some garden tools, a kids game, and 2 little gifts for friends, oh, and the wooden file cabinet I have been wanting (the two beat up metal ones can go into the garage sale!!!). Then to the library for some research. Home to more shredding....Made a peach/nectarine/blueberry cobbler and hubby is making (yum!!) eggplant parmigian!!!!


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