Happy 5th Birthday Jack!

Altho this is Luke, and not Jack, can you guess the theme for Jack's 5th birthday party?

Here is another clue!

The best clue of all!

Jack being tickled by his Uncle John

Until he was helped to go down the big slide, this was Luke's favorite part of the water slides...

Connor having fun

One of the few photos of Jack alone on the slide. Have lots of great shots of kids having fun - but I won't post photos of other people/kids without permission. And Jack usually went down the slide with his buddy!

My daughter goes all out - see the decos?
Unfortunately, once the boys arrived and found the Star Wars and Nerf guns....all the UP games went out the window....

She made Scout type sashes for everyone with their names on them...
And here is the little guy who wants to play with the big guys but sometimes gets left behind!


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