It has gone from being very nice the mid 60's the last few being very cold out in just the last few hours! Brrrr! And just a little while ago it was sunny out, now we are surrounded by black clouds. Guess it has been hailing in the north bay. Looked outside, and one of our neighborhood doves (I call them "my doves") was on our fence. I think he was the watch bird. Came back in the room and thought - huh - I dont remember him having such yellow feet....wait a minute! That is not a dove! It was a nice mid size hawk! Of course, by the time I got the camera, he was gone. Love watching the birds eating at the bird feeder. Went to check out another little park I had never known about. Took the long way to get there. Small parking place with 1 empty car in it, and 1 car with a couple of guys in it. Would like to go back there and take a walk with my camera - hope we can go back there and not see any sketchy characters sitting there. Getting cleaned up for a visit from my Nevada grand kids next weekend! They will only be here 2 nights but luckily I am off those days! Have to work the day they leave... Then that next week we are staying in Sutter Creek for 2 nights. We are not staying at either B&B we saw there but rather an Inn....the rooms look lovely - with fireplace!!! And TV for hubby (I am fine with my Kindle & my knitting!). Hopefully lots of fun things to photograph up there! May is a busy month. My awards luncheon. Pinning ceremony for the newest nursing grads - sure wish they would be able to find jobs! And then a weekend at the Narrow Gauge Inn....hopefully without any tpe of drama this year....if there is then we know that it is the place that is the jinx! Besides going to the Peddler's Market at Coarsegold and maybe hopefully some garage sales, not sure what we will do. Maybe try for a visit to Yosemite again....if it is open! And that is my soap box. Our politicians need to stop their pissing contests and thin about what their constituents want and need. Time to hit them where it hurts - in THEIR pocket books. Stop their pay and perks and see how quickly they settle the budget. I am beginning to agree with other people - time to have a 3rd party system and not jsut 2 - with a 3d party it would be much more difficult to stonewall things like this...


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