Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lovely mini vacation!

This was at the house across from the B&B we stayed at.....I so wanted to see this lit up but it never was - darn it!

Volcano CA has some of the biggest meanest looking bees I have ever seen!!!!

This is the room we stayed in at the Hanford House Inn ( in Sutter Creek. Awesome place! Quiet! At one end of the main street so everything is withing walking distance - almost next door to the Sutter Creek Wine Tasting which is a great place - and at the end of the street from an awesome cheese store!

My one and only complaint about this B&B is - the bed is too high!

Your da here starts off with homemade scones in a basket outside your door at about available all day long....and then an awesome breakfast (the chef is Cordon Bleu trained) starts with home made granola, and then cut up fruit and this great chicken-mozzerella sausage. The first morning was light, thin, blueberry-banana pancakes; the 2d was an egg bendict that was to die for - I usually dont eat those cause I dont like the sauce - these did not have the sauce - and oh yes, the eggs are from the chickens right there.

Turns out the owner graduated from the same law school as our SIL - and we are still trying to remember what year our SIL graduated - we think they were about a year apart.

Wine and cheese in the afternoon - and some really good lemony chocolate chip cookies!

We are trying to figure when we are going back!

The second night we ate the the local steakhouse (about a block & 1/2 away) called J and D's Steakhouse ( - we dont usually go to steakhouses on SO GLAD we went there! The staff was so friendly - the hostess was upset when we told her we did not have reservations cause we were going to have to wait 10 minutes!!!! The staff was as friendly to us - tourists - as they were to the locals! And the food was to die for! The trivia game was so much fun - and the bill was not nearly as high as you would think!

Pretty huh? This is the yard at a place called the Antique Garden or Antique Gardener. All the shops in the town are nice - as are the shopkeepers. We went to Jackson and walked around - got to enjoy the The Geezer's Jazz Band who give free concerts every other week....I think the youngest member was in his late 50's....they were so good!

Hubby was good and patient....he enjoyed the antique stores as much as I did but sometimes he had to take a little break...

Isnt this pretty? It is a house for rent right next to 2 very pretty B&Bs on the main street.

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