Saturday, April 16, 2011

Garage Saling

Forgot to talk about our recent (last week few week) garage saling!

  • a 3 piece metal screen like thing with grapes and leaves on it - for the garden - but I am thinking it might make a nice head board.....hmmm.....

  • a vintage covered square cake carrier - now I have a round one and a square one

  • a beautiful geranium in a nice pot and a rusty old waterering can that I have planted a succulent in

  • books! books! books!

  • 2 tupperware pieces - both, for instance, to hold veggies with the dip thing in the middle - one smaller and the other large. Both in excellant condition

  • a tin towel rack originally priced at $12.99 from Ross - I think I will put it in the middle bedroom and hand some quilts (folded up) over it

Have seen areas of town that we havent see before. Also have seen crazy prices - come on - you are NOT going to get what you paid for the item at a garage sale - which is why you see people leaving your garage sale empty handed!

Am off next Sat - wonder if there will be a lot or not? It is is the Sat before Easter.... This having to work every other Sat really cuts into my garage saling!! LOL

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