Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Trip to Fallon Nevada

Funny, makes me think of the song Last Train to Nashville and they are moving to Chattanooga....Afterwe left Fallon to come home, me crying 1/2 the way home, the first song as I was scanning thru radio stations was dedicated to someone in "Chattanooga TN".

Hot and tiring days getting them packed up. Breaking my heart seeing my daughter get to that point we all get - when you just sy, if we cant fit it, throw it away.....

They made a few $$$ on an impromptu yard sale and I am sure the pickers were happy when they finally left so that they could come back and get some of the things for free! We ended up bringing some items back here to try and sell.

So the original plan was son was going to tow a UHaul trailed to TN for them and they were going to drive and tow their other car. That fell thru. Son drove a UHaul truck towing their car (with a Princess jeep strapped to the top! LOL! And the ar itself fully packed too!). In Wyoming he was in an accident when a tire flew off a semi going in the other direction and hit the tow car, and spun him around. Lukcily he was not hurt (in a way I am glad it was him driving then cause he knew what to do - and none of the grand kids were with him). But that ate up time. Apprently the car and tow trailed took the brunt of it but the car is still driveable (which I found out just a little while ago when he called to say he was safe in Chattanooga - thank goodness!).

So now we are trying to find/book a flight for him back home. Anyone know anyone flying their own plane home from Atlanta that could bring him home?

So one worry out of the way.....just have to worry now about daughter and family getting there.

This sucks big time! And yet we (hubby and I) did it to our parents....and my parents, and his dad, did it to their parents.....but I dont like being on the other side of it at all!

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constantly knitting said...

Hi Danielle,
Sorry to reach out to you here, I can't seem to find better contact information. I am sure it's there, but I'm just not awake enough to see it yet.

I'm the 200 Shawl Project loony, and I'm checking in to let you know you won! You are not one of the original winners, but I found that I'd collected together enough goodies to share with all of my commenters on this first Anniversary post. You're all set up to get a Serious Scarf project pack. Let me know if you want it, and where to send it (I have this nagging feeling that I've sent you something before and just can't find your contact info...).

There's no obligation to take the prize, there's no obligation to use the pattern or the yarn. I just hope to brighten your day the way you brightened mine.

Leah (200 Shawls) marveloustoy at yahoo dot com