My Hero

He is my hero is so many ways, but I am o proud of my husband. Late spring he was told her had pre-diabetes.

Scared him to ...well, to checking his sugar 4x/day as the doc wanted him to. Now, this is a man who will not even look at a needle ON TV! And here he is checking his blood sugar by pricking his finger 4x/day, 7 days a week.

And the worst part - this all occurred right before we went on vacation to areas where we talked as much about the food as the activities we planned to do there! On the other hand, while on vacation we visited an uncle of his and found out that diabetes is very prevalent in that side of his family which I think made him ever more determined to beat this!

And even tho we both knew we needed to be on diets, and he is on meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, it was this diagnosis that motivated him.

He walks in the neighborhood for an hour each morning. One day a week he plays golf. Almost every other day - sometimes 7 days a week, sometimes only 6 - he works out a the gym for 1 hour - 1.5 hours.

And in Approx 2.5 3 months, he has lost 28 lbs!

His blood pressure is down - his labs are so good he was REJECTED for a clinical study on cholesterol + diabetes....

Now, I dont walk like he does, and since I still work I cannot get to the gym as often as he does. But we go on my days off. My eating habits have changed to match his - after all, it wouldn be fair would it, to eat like I want to and he cant....And the most amazing thing is - I dont miss the junk as much as I thought I would.

The downside tho is my weight is creeping down, unlike his. But I can feel a difference in my clothes, so I am slimming in some ways. Yes, honestly, it does make me jealous...

But it all makes me so proud of him!


Sharon said…
We ended up changing our diets when I fell in love with Cooking Light. I took over dinners and was surprised there was no argument. We've both benefited from the recipes and the produce from our CSA baskets every week.

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