To Catch Up

So I was a work last Sunday when hubby called.....and when he starts off with "Now don't worry, everyone is all right" I immediately break down.

Son was supposed to drive the Uhaul trailer to TN for his sister (sometimes they just boost my faith in family!!) but the trailer didnt wok so he was driving a Uhaul truck, towing their (packed) Matrix. In Wyoming a passing semi lost a tire which bounced over, bounced off the very end of the Uhaul and hit the tow trailer and hit the Matrix.

Spun him out of control - but thank goodness, if it had to happen to anyone on this trip it happened to the one driver with the most experience like this. Guess it blew out the tire on the trailer. So he had a delay getting all this taken care of.


And, after the misunderstanding of my husband, the car was even driveable.

But - and this makes a mom very nervous - the adrenaline kept him going and he drove allt he way thru. Got into Chattanooga Monday ..... checked into a motel and sleptsleptslept (after his first priority which he said was a shower!).

He then was still able to drive the Matrix to visit a friend - and flew home Wed.

Now yesterday we got the other reassuring news - not only is DD and family safe and sound in Chattanooga - they even have an apt. Today they are supposed to be unpacking the uhaul and moving in. Tomorrow they will be looking for some replacement furniture (anyone know of any nice consignment shops in the Chattanooga area???)

So now my worries can ease off....about the travel...for now!!

And we are adjusting our lives to include DD 14 year olf baby girl - her Althea.


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