Phase 1

Dang it, these are out of order and I dont feel like playing with them to fix it. So just bear with me.

When we first moved into this house, the front yard was rocks, with the 3 palm trees. They weren't too high yet. Unexplicably the one in the center had a circle of cement around it.

Eventually we replaced the rocks with lawn. Twice. And fought the battle of all hot and dry places to keep the lawn alive. And we lost.

So we said - we are done! And decided to go to a drought friendly/native plant solution. So we finally got a deal on taking out those godawful palms (which meanwhile had grown taller than the house and were havens for squirrels, birds, and probably rats) - and the cement circle around the middle one. Covered the whole yard with cardboard and then topped that off with mulch we got from a tree service.

Let it sit a month or so....meanwhile the neighbors think we have totally gone off our gourd and we still have a small pile of the mulch on our driveway.

This weekend we started some planting. Replanted the blueberry bush from a contianer (I want to getat least one more) and a lavendar from a container. Then we planted 2 more, but different types, of lavendar, a salvia, and 2 grasses. We have only begun! This is a work in progress and may take a couple of years to get done. I want more salvia and some agapanthas next...hubby wants some succulents/cactus.

Will get some current photos soon and post them.
(Original pile o mulch on the driveway with some of the work in progress)

(Middle mound built. We had looked at several yards on a special garden tour this spring. I did not like the small yards that had these big mounds; altho we know these will compact down, we wanted rolling and not hilly)

(Bare and ready to go as soon as we can gather enough cardboard; get some topsoil; and find a tree service willing to drop off their mulch - why not? It saves them dmp fees!)

(Getting rid of the palms - before they were ground down; you can see where the concrete circle was)


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