Monday, August 15, 2011

Phase 2 Has Begun

Moved the plant stand with the yellow watering can out from the backyard. You cant really see it but on the second level of the stand is this beautiful rock. Found it about a foot+ under the ground when hubby was planting a plant - the big lavendars out near the front. Beautiful rock. Not sure how it ended up under there.

So at this point we have the blueberry plant, 3 grasses, 2 lavendars of of type and one
of another; 3 verbenas; a salvia and a black eyed susan. Hopeully they will all live. Plenty more to go but now we need to work on Phase 3 and get the drip irrigation lines out there.
See the beautiful hand made, one of a kind Native American pottery to the right and in front of the flag? LOL. Bought it for $1 at the Lions Club rummage sale in Fallon the last time we were there. The guy who priced it was a crack up - had to buy it no matter what after that sales job!

Planted that really pretty rust colored grass in it and placed it to hide the water faucets from the street.

That antique iron firebox we got at a garage sale in Walnut Creek. It is iron and heavy as can be and still smells of smoke.

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