Friday, January 11, 2008

Dreary Friday

It is almost 3 PM and the sun is not out - even though they promised!

Came home and looked out on the patio and there is this lovely full, thicky, healthy looking piece of reddish fur draped over my bird feeder...should have run for my camera...instead I ran for the door yelling at that not-obviously-starving squirrel to get off my bird feeder! S/he had quire the attitude - jsut looked at me while I was acting like an idiot (to him/her) trying to scare it away - and yelling for my dumb ADD dog to chase it away - hey Kate, I think I need to borrow Althea back!!! LOL

Rants: I have some rants. And I am sure you have heard them here before. People either ignore me because they have heard them before or they agree but dont know what to do about it; or else they just dont care. But I am still going to put them out there.

1. Since when did it become okay to go shopping wearing your pajamas? I mean - adults - men and women - in the middle of the day - wearing pajamas and slippers....not jsut running out for medication for sick children either - in malls and regular stores!

2. Since when did it become okay for males to sit thru an entire meal in public without removing their caps or hats? You sit with me for a meal - that hat better come off!

3. Since when is it not rude to carry on private conversations via cell phone at a decibal rate so loud the entire store/restuarant/whatever can hear all those private things? I am not the least bit interested in your life if I dont know you! And since when did it become okay to do all this while at the check out of a store - thereby making the sales person have to put up with your rudeness while trying to wait on you?

4. Since when does counter service deserve a tip? I know waiters have a decreased salary because their employer seems to think (legally so) they can get away with it because the waiters can live on the tips...but waiters WAIT on you...counter service (i.e. scoop up that ice cream, put it in a cone, and hand it to me standing right there in front of you) is jsut what they say - service and not waiting upon...

5. And when did the DMV change the lawas about red lights? I have noticed in the past month that it is apaprently legal now to come up to a red light and turn right - WITHOUT EVER HAVING SLOWED DOWN - COME TO A STOP - OR EVEN CHECK TO SEE IF THERE IS TRAFFIC COMING!

Ok- that is enough for today - but there might be more coming soon! Stay tuned - you might have to call me Andy Rooney soon!! LOL

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