3 D ultrasound

Actually the place called it 3D/4D but I have no clue what a 4D ultrasound is!

Anyway, my daughter jsut had one done to confirm or not that #3 is a boy. Well, it is a boy and so we are looking forward to welcoming Luke in September! In the 3D photos he looks a lot like his older brother Jack!

We are off this week on vacation. Going to meander along Highway 49 - spend a night in Placerville - and then the next night in Reno. The next day we will head to Virginia City where we will meet up with out other daughter and her 2 kids - two of the boys (her son and my hubby) are looking forward to riding the train!

After we spend the night in Virginia City - we will head home - and that same daughter will also drive down here. After spending Friday at the county fair, we will head to Monterey to take her son to the Aquarium for a belated birthday experience!

So, I wont be posting for awhile! Hope to get the baby blanket for our dear friend's first grandchild almost done on this trip!


Birdsong said…
Congrats, Granny!

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