Monday, June 30, 2008

Wednesday and Thursday

There is a lot of real estate for sale in Virginia City - historical, run down, and otherwise. The Silver Queen Saloon is one of them. Inside is a (tacky) wedding chapel, and 29 re-done hotel rooms. Plus this picture. Beatiful isnt she? Her dress is covered with over 3,000 silver dollars. Never did find out how much they were asking for the saloon.
This is the Piper Opera House. Now, for some reason, the photo of the B&B did not download. But it was jsut down the street from here, The B Street House B&B. Built by one of the Piper brothers. Bought 3 years ago by a lovely couple who have some sort of far sighted vision. Becuse we saw photos of what the place looked like when they bought it. Had been empty for decades - empty except for the feral cats that lived there. And the last owner had taken out all the good stuff...lamps, door knobs, etc. Left a gutted 2d floor. And a nasty first floor. And in 3 short years this was transformed into a beautiful beautiful B&B. The downstairs is restored. Since there was nothing to restore upstairs, they made 3 guest rooms, all with private baths. The place is beautiful (if you dont believe me, look at the website And the! Coffee, tea and cookies in the afternoon. And here is the menu for our breakfast: sparkling apple juice, mango-orange juice, coffee, tea or cocoa; blueberry mini muffins, scones, apricot and blackberry preserves; cantalope, honeydew plate with kiwi and mediteranean style yogurt cheese; herb shirred eggs with parmesan florentine, apricot ginger chicken breakfast sausage, red potatoes. We were so embarrassed because we could not do justice to all this food!

Dinner the night before was fantastic at Cafe Del Rio. Primarily Mexican food but on Wednesdays they have Gospel fried chicken, with corn, and mashed potatoes. Apparently quite the local favorite. I finally heard why it was called Gospel....because it is devine!!! And please remember, if you have one of there fabulous margaritas (I dont normally like margaritas and almost drank hubby's 2d one until I realized I needed to be the DD), that you are at over 6,000 feet elevation! Apparently the owners bought this place 4 years ago and completely renovated it also...

We reluctantly said goodbye...and definetely plan to go again since we didnt even see 1/2 of what is offered there nd drove back down towards Reno...and this is what we saw. More smoke. At over 6,000 feet up we had gotten out of the smoke pretty much. But we were back in it for the entire drive home Thursday. Got home, did laundry, and jsut vegged.

And then daughter and family arrived for the weekend and the rest of the vacation started Friday....

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Rudee said...

I've never stayed at a B & B but this one looks lovely and enticing. I'm thinking of trying a B & B in Charlottesville,VA next week. Perhaps you just nudged me in the right direction.

Thanks for you input on my afghan. My secret yarn is a camel/silk blend to represent the past 3 years my sister has lived and worked in Qatar. I'll use the camel in the fringe. The afghan will live in her retirement home in Virginia.