Monday, June 30, 2008

More Wednesday

According to the Virginia City literature, this is the largest and most photographed landmark. What I thought was interesting was the photo inside that showed this place as a huge and thriving city once upon a time...this Catholic church was built by an IRISH miner who, 20 years later, became the first bishop of California.
We went on a mine tour. Not as intersting as you - or we - would think. Walked crouched over for awhile - which made us realize why the Welch and Cornish men were good miners (my grandfather's side is Welch).
Wanted to get my son a tshirt from here. But it closed down when the town rolled up the sidewalks....lots of saloons in town. Of two genres....a big empty room with old photos and a bar....or a big empty room filled with slot machines, old photos and a bar. This was the latter so thought it would be open. It wasnt.

I was disappointed becuase I couldnt find any good souveneirs. I thought there would be "chunks" of fake silve ore....or "silver" medallions, or something. There wasnt. And the red light tour wasnt going on that day....

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