Monday, June 30, 2008

Start of vacation

So we started out Monday morning, made it over to Highway 49 around Jamestown. And darn if I did not forget to check to see if tht fabulous restuarant was still there! Got to Sonora and walked around, checked out a Military museum and found a FABULOUS yarn store!

Everything in there arranged by color families - and yarn from basic stuff (some great colors of Lamb's Pride I had not seen before) to glitz! Great stuff on sale too! And fantastic store models. If you are in the area, the store is called By Hand Yarn and the website is

Continued on our way - got to see Angel's Camp which I have always wanted to see. And I was very disappointed. Not sure what I expected - but this wasnt it. The town - home of the Calaveras Jumping Frog contest, publicized of course by Mark Twain - has painted frogs all over it. Difficult to see, but this is the gold frog!

This is an example of a building there - but like so many of the towns, a lot of the places were empty. Had a good sandwich at a deli there in town tho.
Cannot remember where this was - we drove thru and I just thought this old fire engine was a great photo op.
Made it to Placerville where we were spending the night. Warning: most of the towns had a lot of places closed on Monday but in Placerville just about EVERYTHING was closed on MOnday! Including places to eat! The only places open for dinner were franchise/chain places. We had a huge and good meal at the Buttercup Pantry but I wanted to eat at one of the places that specialized in Hangtown Fry (not that I wanted to try it tho!). And would have loved to check out the needlepoint shop that had one of my friends designs in the window - Dutch Treat design!
This was the B&B we stayed at, the Alfred Shafsky house. Nice. The bedroom - the Gandy Dancer room - was really neat. All train stuff - and to hubby's delight, some Walt Disney train art too! But, although good, breakfast was a little sparse (never thought of making a strawberry shortcake using scones and yogurt, but they were good!). Problem was - no parking! It is residential and on a very busy street - so no parking. It was within a block of downtown which was nice - we got to walk over and look at all the closed stores and restuarants...And there is a lovely house for sale 3 doors up for low $300,000 if you are interested...

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