Monday, June 30, 2008


So we headed to Virginia City to meet up with daughter and her family. Vaguely remembered the directions (remember, the GPS system conked out on us). Turns out we went the long way - but I was actually finally able to see something beautiful about Nevada! And these high plains were beautiful! You really cant see them in this photo - but those are some wild mustangs on the plain (we were stopped becuase of construction).

The big thing was for PaPa and Owen to ride the train...PaPa loves steam trains, so guess what. The steam train broke down the weekend before we got there.....but we went on the train ride anyway and everyone had a great time.
Especially Owen when he got to have his photo taken with these guys after the ride!
Left the car and walked up to town ...jsut a couple of blocks....hilly blocks....see the sign?
For some reason I am having a hard time posting will continue Wed on another day. But will leave you with the photo of the newspaper office where Mark Twain did some work...

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