Wednesday, July 8, 2009


A few months ago I blogged about the son of our neighbor - who was killed while on the job with PG&E (tanslation Pacific Gas & Electric - public utilities company).

A few years ago we got hit with some pretty rough storms that caused a lot of damage and resulted in PG&E crews being out and getting a lot of overtime. Becuase of this the company cried po' mouth and had to raise rates and all....

Since then they have posted some pretty darn impressive profits. I am sure the shareholders are quite pleased with what they are getting - kinda like all the oil companies who are shedding crocodile tears but posting huge profits...

Anyway, this young man was killed ON THE JOB.....we just found out what his death benefits are and how they are heping this young family. He left a teen aged son, a wife, and two young children (one just a few months old).

Anyway - the generosity of working in this dangerous field (remember the song "I was a lineman for the county...) included $5,000 funeral expenses and a one time pay out of $10,000. Of course, all medical benefits for the family immediately ceased.

I think this is so sad considering how much money this company generates and how dangerous of a job a lineman has.

$10,000. Wow. Divided by 3 kids, that is what, barely a community college education for each of them? It isnt even enough to support one of them for a year.

The family is having a Memorial Golf Tournament this weekend to raise money for the family. I am sure that they will be able to raise far more than the generous amount PG&E gives to their employees when they are KILLED ON THE JOB!

So, the next time you pay your utility bill, remember most of it will end up in the pockets of the shareholders....and for those of you who complain about how much the workers are paid...remember that when they die doing their job....their lives are worth much less than the lives of the management in the company....

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