Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend Wrap UP

So this weekend wound up our vacation week - well, what was supposed to be our vacation!
It was really a nice relaxed time that seemed to last much longer than a week - in a very good way! Probably because we broke everything up - and did not do a lot of driving (since I have found out the hard way that long periods of time in the car jsut dont work well with my ankle!) I am really going to be lonely starting this week when hubby is back to work and I am still sitting here at home...
Sat - 4th of July - we went to daughter's house for a bbq lunch - she had to work that night but said it was essentially a good night! Hubby bbq'd ribs and I actually ate 2 of them! They were so good - and I dont like ribs! That night son and g'friend came over to our house and we bbq'd chicken and watched the fireworks from the upstairs window. Anyway - look at Luke go!!! He is walking!!! All the better to keep up with or away from his older brothers!
Sunday we took Connor and Jack to the County Fair. And of course we start the day off with a piece of cake - and this time each of the boys had to have their own cake....Connor had strawberry (we were very surprised that they actually had strawberry cake! Thank you 4H!!) - Jack had chocolate - and PaPa had German Chocolate! Yes, they each shared one bite with MeMaw! And it was a bit of eating all day long, with Connor being the garbage pit and Jack savoring each bite....cake, cinnamon almonds, jerky (altho they persist in calling it bacon), a huge corn dog for Connor, and Jack ate his entire hot dog complete wiht bun! And then of course we finished up with something I adore but only allow myself to have about once a year...can you guess what it is????

Dont they both look so excited about the photo that MeMaw made them take? I thought Aunt TiTi would like to see her boys in the sunflower photo!

Yes, we did do carnival rides. Well, sorta. Poor Jack was ripped off. There were so few rides he could go on...he needs to grow at least 2" by next year! But they did have fun on this Cars ride...they spent time waiting deciding which one to ride on, but when it came down to it, they really didnt care!

Ahhh, I wait all year for this - COTTON CANDY!!!! And what is the next best thing to eating it?? Wearing it!!!!!!

So I had 3 entries....even just one entry gets you a free ticket into the Fair....These were my last minute bootees - I made them the day before I had to deliver the entries. And they didnt win a darn thing...In fact, I didnt do that well this year at all....but who cares - the fun is seeing other people's beautiful entries!

My sweater did win 3d place. I cant wait to get it back to be able to wear it! This was really my only made-to-enter-into-the-Fair item!

And this little bit of Shaker wisdom recieved an Honorable Mention.

And here is the last 1/2 hour at the fair...as we were getting ready to leave....
This weekend we finished by seeing a total of 3 movies. And I have to tell you - if you aren't sure if you want to see a movie - or you are not in a hurry to see it - wait to see it at the Vine! The seats are so comfortable - they actually sell Coke and not that other nasty soda - and it is only $5!!! I read that this fall they are going to start dinner and a movie here - I cant wait! (Oh, and generally speaking, the bathrooms are the cleanest of any theaters in this area!).
Oh, and I got brave enough - and desperate enough - to get a pedicure! She was so careful with my leg it was almost funny. But what hurt me the most was my left knee - I think those muscles in that entire leg had really been on vacation!
Now, back to work on the Christmas presents for the grandkids... 2 down and 3 more to go, one is on my needles right now. And I need to start studying for the RNC exam in September.
What I am not understanding tho, is that I am still only putting partial weight on my ankle, wearing the boot that it is so obvious I still need....yet I go for a repeat Xray next week...and see the MD on the 22d and then supposedly back to work on the 28th! Altho I cannot wait to get back to work (wonder how long after I get back to work that you will start hearing the opposite of this!) I cannot figure out how I can go from partial weight bearing to full walking around and able to do my 12 hour job in 6 days. And I think I want to get better shoes that will help support my ankle - but not sure if I am brave enough to try on shoes yet - and not sure what kind to get that will stand up to possible/probable swelling by the end of the day. Well, we will see....

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