Mini Vacations Are Wonderful!

You know we had to cancel all of our original vacatin plans, because they were just not compatible with a broken ankle and crutches. Couldnt really think of a viable alternative until - of course! - hubby thought of Disneyland! We didnt think we would be able to get reservations that late - but no problem! So we flew down very early on Friday - and that really went well. The flight was fine, as well as being met by a wheelchair and all. The motorized scooter we rented was ready and waiting at the hotel....and so we took off for a day in Disneyland - which also was a free day becuase it was my birthday! And the nice thing was, when we pooped out we didnt have to deal with disappointed kids when we went back to the hotel for a break!

So, handicapped access is not always what you think. It doesnt always mean we skip the lines, or we get first in line....but it does have lots of perks! One of them was here on hubby's favorite ride - Casey Jr. We got to skip the HUGE line of maybe 6 people (boy, did we time Fantasyland right that morning!) and when he let us in, the guy told us that the backcar would be the easiest to get into....which is karma because that is where hubby always wants to ride! As we were settling in we can hear this one women loudly complaining about wasting their time in line and not being able to get to sit where they wanted. Again, I remind you, the line had about 6 - 8 people in it. Now if this were us, we would jsut have told the guy that we really wanted the back, and we would wait for the next ride.....but no, she had to sit close enough to use so we could hear her b****ing the whole time about WAITING ALL THAT TIME IN LINE and not getting to sit where they wanted to (I also remind you this was a woman and man, no kids)....I mean, c'mon lady, I would GLADLY trade places with you and let YOU have the broken ankle!

When we pulled back into the station we could see the next line waiting - all of maybe 10 people.
And jsut to prove her point, the woman refused to get off the ride and back in line - she just got out of where she was sitting and walked to where I was struggling to get out of the car with my crutches....she could barely wait until I got out of the way to jump into the seat.....again talking about WAITING IN LINE FOR THE I very politely looked at her and in my classy way I told her to B**E ME!!!!
As we wheeled down the ramp and away I turned around - smiled broadly at her - waved - and wished her a happy day....
Tom said he had visions of her coming to beat me up - I told him no way would she do that becuase she would lose her seat and might have to WAIT IN LINE again!!!

This trip provided me a whole new perception of Disneyland. And people. I didnt mind the kids who didnt notice because, hey they are kids and this was Disneyland....but it amazed me how sitting in a wheelchair turned me invisible to so many adults. They would try and walk across in front of a motorized scooter (these things dont have brakes - you stop it by letting go of the "go" lever and so it doesnt necessarily stop immediately) or stop right in front of you.....and not move! Altho Disney is very good at making the park accessible there are some points that are not positive - like the bathrooms. Ok, so they have the handicapped stall - but how the &*^%$ do you get the doors open while sitting in a wheelchair! And the fireworks - love the employee who told us they started at 9:30 and we should be able to get a fantastic viewing spot right in front if we got there by 9:10!! HA HAHA HAHA. Luckily we knew better, and we joined the people sitting in front of Cinerella's castle about 8 PM. And then it was time for fireworks.....and everyone had to stand to watch them. Yeah, they are fireworks up in the sky - but some of the stuff occurs lower down. And when you are sitting in a wheelchair and everyone is standing around you.....well, I jsut had to take the photo to show what I got to see!!!!!!!!!!!

Doncha just love my scooter! Actually it was pretty fun - especially running into walls and corners and stuff especially when someone messed with my speed control!

Had birthday dinner at the Blue Bayou. I splurged on surf and turf. The surf was okay - but the filet was probably the best piece of steak I have had in who knows how long! It was so tender and cooked so perfectly. Then I had to have the creme brulee for dessert. But loved the treasure chest with cookies inside!!! Isnt that cute?

And here was my birthday dessert. Too bad I dont do chocolate desserts....
All in all we had a good time. Disneyland hotel tho needs to find some way to accomodate more of their guests at the pool. We only went one time becuase there never was a chance to find a place to sit at poolside.
The weather was nice. In the 80's so not too hot. What was most surprising to me was how not crowded it was. We stopped going in summer many years ago because it was unbearably crowded - this was more like the old days. The longest wait in line was 30 minutes....Friday was probably the busiest of all 4 days we were there. I thought for sure the weekend would really pick up but it didnt. And, BTW, I am not complaing about the lack of crowds!!!!


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