Reunion Weekend - Friday

Coast photos 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach - yes it was an overcast day.

One of my interesting signs....turn left to go into Rancho Canada Golf Course....right to go to Church....if the end were really near, I know I would choose to go right!

I love fog. Talking to people at the reunion who now live in hot areas, their one concern about moving back to the area is the weather....fog and overcast....all the lovliness of living by the coast. I would hate to give up the fall and spring weather when it is warm during the day but cool at night. But I definitely would take the fog over hear any day!

So - it was hubby's high school reunion this past weekend. His 40th. Yeah, I made fun of him until I realized that next year will be MY 40th reunion! OUCH!

So we went down Friday. Had several errands to run including getting the new lease signed by the tenants. Checked into the hotel (same hotel as the reunion was at). To find it over run by women dressed in red. A convention of Republican women - OMG!!!!!! Even hubby walked around muttering about wishing he could find a Jerry button! And I was wishing I had some blue clothes with me!

And speaking about clothes....I am unpacking my stuff while hubby is chilling on the couch watching something on TV....when I realize I do not see the clothes he was going to wear the next night! The clothes he HUNG BACK IN HIS CLOSET cause he didnt want to wrinkle them before he hung them up in the car!!!!!!! Yep, they were still hanging in the closet - AT HOME!

So made a trip to Del Monte Center and Macy's. Found him some nice pants and 2 different shirts. I really really REALLY tried my darnedest not to laugh too loudly about all this....

Enjoyed dinner at Ablonetti's (as usual) and then back to the room to watch some b'ball. Went to the bar to watch the end of it and nighty night for an early morning the next day!


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