So up bright and early Sat AM. Breakfast at the complimentary breakfast in the lobby - not too bad. And headed down to Carmel Valley to drop hubby off at Rancho Canada for gold with class mates.

I went to a garage sale in Carmel. Nothing great. And drove around the beach a bit. Then into Pebble Beach for a garage sale - another great buy on a Longaberger basket - $1!!!!

Wanted a rusted out old lantern - thought it would look cool with a potted plant just sitting in it. But they wanted $5 for this hunkajunk.

So walked away from that and drove around 17 Mile Drive taking photos and enjoying the view.

Did end up at the yarn shop - Monarch Knitting and Quilts in Pacific Grove - GREAT shop!!!! And a couple of thrift shops. Then decided to get a sandwich from Troia's and took it back to Carmel - sat at the beach, ate, and started knitting a new scarf.

Then picked up hubby - back to hotel - shower time while hubby took a nap. Then to the reunion. Was able to wear heels only because I wore boots which covered up my elastic ankle support!
The food was pretty darn good for hotel type food! Actually had a pretty good time but stayed up way too late for this old lady!


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