Sunday, October 10, 2010

Winter preparation

Well, we took a break from winterizing the house - maybe cause it is summer again? Yep, temps in the high 80 - low 90 this week. Went with daughter and her 3 sons to the corn maze. ( again. Look what someone had the time and inclination to do - braid some of the corn hair!!! It was fun, but a bit hot out there in the midst of the maze.

One of the issues is the weatherstripping at the bottom of the front door is worn out. An easy repair, right?????? HA!!! 3 trips back and forth to Home Depot......finally got a bottom thing on, but with the rubber stripping inside, the door wont close! So we now have a nice gap at the bottom. So hubby's wish is coming true...we are shopping for a new door. And he is insisting on a new sidelight too. The only reason I am giving in is the framing ( or jamb or whatever) around the sidelight and all looks awful. But it is killing me how much it is costing....

The other thing is our patio cover. Anyone know of any contests to win a re-do of the backyard??? We have the ugliest backyard ever. Have hated it since we moved in and not only have not had the money - but just cant come up with ideas of what to do + the time and energy to do it.
So we have this long patio. Which could be nice except for this rather low tin roofed cover. And last winter we ended up having to put the outdoor chairs on top of the tin to keep it all from blowing off. So this week we took care of it - mostly hubby but he did get me up on (shudder) a ladder to help out. He nailed down the worst spots and replaced some rotted roof.

We are looking into getting the palm trees chopped down finally. Have someone who may be reasonable - but the problem is our new waste management is outrageously expensive - which we knew was going to happen when they came in with hybrid vehicles etc. And these palms are very tall (never did figure out how to kill them off when they were shorter) so they will result in a lot of waste. They are lovely homes for birds, rats, and squirrels so we will hopefully be turning into bad landlords and evicting them all without notice!
Next weekend is hubby's 40th (yep, that is FORTIETH) high school class reunion. I was picking on him and making fun of him until I realized that means mine is next year - OUCH! So next weekend we will be down in Monterey ( a rough life, but someone has to do it) - golf for hubby on Saturday morning - the reunion that evening - and then a BBQ on Sunday.

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