Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Isn't this pretty? This is in front of the house along Carmel Beach - I was parked in front of it for lunch.

Ok - I cannot believe how crazy these kids are! Swimming in the cold Pacific Ocean in October!!!!!

Up not quite so early Sunday - no free breakfast for us - HAD to go to our favorite donut shop to p/u donuts to 'pay' our son for dog sitting - so might as well eat there!

Then dropped off some 'maters at a friends house and sat an caught up with him and his son for awhile. Decided to head out for the BBQ - walked outside and it was pouring down raining!!!

Went to the BBQ anyway - there was some covered areas there. It was pretty miserable to start - cold and wet and all. But the rain eventually stopped and it got better. The food was pretty good too!

Headed home late afternoon - vegged out at home - and slept in the next day. Too much partying for this old gal.....and when I thought back over it - the entire weekend - I had a total of 4 glasses of wine! WOOHOO! Party animal!!! LOL

(BTW, I finished that scarf - which I started Sat - Monday night - and meanwhile ordered 3 more skeins of the yarn to make 3 more Christmas presents!)

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