Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mini Vacations

It is really hard to plan for all the trips you want to do at my job. That is because the ~~~ SCHEDULING COMMITTEE~~~ has decided you have to ask for time off a year in advance. Who knows, except for big trips, what they are doing a year in advance?

So I took the 2 weeks off already and we managed to figure out something to do over those days. And I have the week off in September that we are all going to Walt Disney World.

But I did not take any time off during the summer. But I do have some 3 day off stretches!

So we booked one to go to hubby can ride a steam train. We were thinking of staying at our new favorite place in Sutter Creek but decided we did not want to drive that found a B&B in Jamestown to try.

Then we decided that this was the year that we were FINALLY going to go do the Elkhorne Slough tour at Moss Landing - and so we would stay at a (the only) B&B there. This trip would be mid week in August. But nooooo.....during the summer they only accept FOUR DAY reservations! Really??? In the middle of a week???? Most places have a weekend minimum stay...oh well, guess that gets bumped till fall or spring...

So now we are trying to get a reservation at the place we stay at in Fish Camp when we usually go for Memorial Day weekend (didnt this year cause we knew we would be tired of driving - glad we didnt, cause it was really rainy). We'll see....submitted a 'reservation request' today. We'll see. Summer they get a lot of European tourists so they may not have availability....we have some other ideas if that doesnt pan out.

Well, gotta go to the store to get the ingredients I need to make zucchini bread - there was an overgrown one out there - I will be making 5 loaves and I dont have enough eggs, etc. Cant go until the apricot pie is out of the oven (dont tell hubby I didnt have any cinnamon or butter for that! LOL)

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