Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This and That

This is one of the reasons I love garage sales. The last one we went to, I found this bookmark from the Iolani Palace in Oahu. Would I have bought it there? Nope, they were too expensive for something I really didnt need. Would I buy it at a garage sale - sure 'nuff! I got 3 different ones (one is a leather one from Italy I will give to my daughter's MIL) and I dont even think they charged me for them!
Worked in my hoarder's room yesterday, on the bookshelf. I should have taken before/after photos of it. It isnt done yet but it got to hot up there to continue - but made a huge progress! And I found this. A partly finished sock - and I really like it! The yarn, the color, the pattern. Too bad I dont know what the pattern is - did I keep the pattern with it? Of course not! Did I keep a note with it of what pattern it was? Of course not!

Listening to the ads that a certain hospital conglomeration is putting out to fight the strikes that the CNA has called/has been calling has made me think. I love how they say if they 'give in' to the wage increase that will make the cost of hospitalization go up. Thinking about it, I agree. But do they mention the greed from every other aspect that impacts hospitalization? No, because they are only targeting those who are asking for iincreases - fairness in advertising? Probably not, but a fine grey line.

I wonder if anyone ever questions what salary increases other professionals give themselves - has anyone compared what a lawyer charges for the same work year to year? And I know that doctors charges go up - whether or not they get recompensed from insurance companies is yet another issue (dont get me started on insurance companies! LOL). One of the major reasons I keep working is because of medical coverage. See, once I retire I get nothing - thats right - NOTHING - N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!! So I have to wair for medicare and then pay for my own medicare addendum.

I know people that have only a HS diploma, and their retirement far surpasses what I will ever get - not only retirement pay, but most importantly, benefits.

Is that right? People who have spent their careers providing health care and then not having any health care coverage once they retire???????

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