Wonderful Swaps

A couple of years ago I found this fun crafting site www.ravelry.com. It is enabling and addicting. Lots of patterns and lots of groups to join. Some of the fun groups are swap groups. They can be anything from a one time birthday swap - to a Christmas swap - to an envelope swap - to a year round swap.

This year, amongst others, I am doing a year round swap. My partner Jennifer is from NY and she has sent me some most wonderful things. Here is what is in my Summer Swap box - with a little extra for my birthday!

 Kinda bad angle - but that is a Balleek vase that she found for me at an Estate Sale! And those little wooden buttons? They say 'Handmade by Danielle' on them - arent they awesome! With that body wash and cream, I can almost pretend that this is a Hawaii year!
Altho all the presents are wonderful - here are the awesome ones! Handmade slippers! They fit perfectly and are so comfortable I never want to take them off! (Sorry about the angle, no they are not two different sizes!)


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