And Tuesday was Epcot

Just starting to walk thru to Epcot and we run into photo ops...

 Didnt realize until later that I actually got some family in this photo...
Bruce was hungry this day...
 ...and got to eat a lot of appetizers!
 Yup, it rained.....while it was raining it then started to thunder and lightening which meant the so-called smarter ones of us ran to find some place to go into....2 of the grands, my SIL, hubby and I ducked into Mission To Mars......HUGE MISTAKE.....hubby was in such a hhurry to get inside that we went into the worst ride ever....All I can say is that I survived...BARELY... and will never ever go on that ride again!!!!
 These two were so disappointed in how this ride changed. This was one of their very favorite rides as kids....we were surviving the rain - but it was hard for them to survive this disappointment (which they are STILL talking about!)
 This was a mural on the wall as we were waiting to go on the ride in Norway. The little guy in the blue cap - dead on ringer for my grandson!!!!!
 This was the BEST EVER! In fact the first time we went in, I was so overwhelmed I had no idea what to get....but the second time we went in I knew exactly what I wanted and got it - ate it on the plane ride home!!!!

It may have been raining - but today was their anniversary - and they got to spend a minute or so on a bridge in Italy (we didnt realize they were waiting for us to hurry up and take photos so they could block off the bridge before the fireworks that night!)


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