Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thursday at WDW

Thursday we spent at the waterpark, Typhoon Lagoon. Even our son was able to spend time with us there before his flight left later that afternoon.

 I do not remember the name of this waterslide - but in our family it is known as The Enema. I dont really know, because I do not go down this - but apparently the water goes....well, where you would think, and totally dislodges your swimsuit (see son? see daughter trying to hide?)
 The Lazy River is my favorite. Just tootle around and around...totally relaxed...doesnt matter if it is raining or not (no, it didnt rain this time - the last time hubby & I were there it did) cause you are already wet!

 I think this was the favorite for this little guy - he would get off, run around and get back on again. There were other things there he was able to do, and he did, but I think this was his all time favorite!
 And this was the favorite of this guy and his older brother - they totally loved it!

After we left, and got changed back in the room - son left for home - the rest of us went our merry ways. Hubby and I went to downtown Disney and we ate at this most fantastic place:
 Beautiful place - great music - great food.
 This was a fantastic dipping sauce for the best Irish Soda bread I have ever had in my life. Instead of oil and balsamic - this was oil, with a mixture of honey and Guiness. I barely refrained from licking the plate!
See hubby's face? The last time we were here Pleasure Island was a totally different - amazing - fun place for adults. It was a one price entree fee and then you could wander from bar to bar to bar. A comedy club.....a beach bar (which we didnt go into) and what we loved the best: Kungaloosh - The Adventurers Club! It was so much fun we spent most of the night there.....Unfortunately, this is no more. It is just simply more shops and restaurants. Rather boring and disappointing after you had experienced the real Pleasure Island!

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