Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wednesday - Kaia's Birthday and Lunch at the Castle

 This was after her birthday makeover....while we were dealing with the ever and always late and slow buses, the guys (most of them anyway) were playing miniature golf
 1/2 the family went to Space Mountain - the other 1/2 of us were wandering down Main Street until this happened....I was under a kinda leaky awning with a sleeping Luke in the stroller. So I jsut thru one of our ponchos over him and stayed there.
The fun came when the rain stopped and we needed to get to the Castle for what we thought was our lunch reservation. Becuase of events, they had the easiest route to the castle shut off.....so we had to slog our way all around...and I stupidly was wearing my Birkies which, when they get wet get very slippery INSIDE the sandals....so I couldnt run....But we all made it there from various points in time for what we thought was our lunch reservation.
  So when it is the time that you made your reservation, you get to go inside and have photos made with this lovely Princess....well, the taller of the two! LOL. We got a lovely packet of photos with the entire family with her - jsut the grandkids with her - and our lovely princess with her. This was the only one I could get with my camera.
And then we were herded out of the way to wait....and to wait....and to wait....while many other groups were being seated. Finally we sicced the newest Bulldog (as our friend calls her) on the issue....well, because of the rain, people did not leave their tables immediatly so they were backed up ....because we were a large group....really? All those families of 2 and 4, put those tables together and there would have been a big enough table! They kept promising to send the manager out to talk, but that never happened (maybe we were in Never Never Land and not a Castle?). They finally decided to make it 'right' by giving us a table by the window....
 Yeah, 4 of the group got the table by the window. And really, all you could see was the partioned off area that is becoming the new Fantasyland. And because so many of us had the light behind us, it messed up photo taking. So Kaia got to see a lot of Princesses, but Memaw only got a few useable photos when she was able to hand the camera off to someone else to use...
 Here is the rest of us....lets see, people all around were getting their orders taken...except for us....people all around were getting their food....except for us....people all around were getting refills on their drinks....except for us.
 So we jsut kept trying to remind ourselves that thie VERY EXPENSIVE and VERY MUCH LESS THAN A DSINEY EXPERIENCE meal was not for us, but for this little Snow White who was haviing the time of her life!
 Even the boys didnt mind meeting some of the Princesses - especially since they got manly (or should I say Princely) swords to take home.
And see this concotion? I was so excited to hear that dessert could be pumpkin cheesecake....I really think I should have called Public Health about this since obviously they were not maintaining the proper storage temperature. I think this about sums up the whole experience - a near miss!

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