Sunday, October 21, 2012

If Its Monday, It Must Be Disney Studios

 It was nice to see snow....cause this was probably the most wickedly humid day of the whole stay....and of course the day I did not have my hat or my fan with me!

 Not too shabby.....the one thing about the restaurants in the Disney Parks is they have improved so much over the years - of course, WDW always had better places to eat than Disneyland (did I ever tell you about the pastrami sandwich I had that I swear was really the liner from someone's shoe????)
 I thought this was an appropriately stormy look for the Tower of Terror....and no, I did not go on it. Been there, done that, and did not enjoy it enough to do ever again!
The spaghetti & meatball cupcake....the spaghetti part really doesnt show up much here.

Right after we finished with the Studio "Tour" and we were walking out, the downpour started....finally! A break in the humidity! Enough time for us to eat the sandwiches we packed for dinner!

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