Friday, October 25, 2013


 It was chilly yesterday when I was sleeping - even after I closed the window! And then even chillier last night. Slept all day - ended up on call and still able to fall asleep at 11:00 PM! The night before really did kick my butt! Tucked Ralph in his bed when I went to bed - after all, he has a pillow there and his blanket.....after getting up to let him out at about 12:30 AM it was even chillier - he jumped on the bed after we went back to bed and I could feel him shivering.

Got the phone call about 4:30 AM which was ok....cause I just knew there wouldn't be any traffic cause it was Saturday AM right....yeah, after I hit the freeway and all the traffic even at that time in the AM I remembered it was Friday and not Saturday.

Nice to have a weekend off with hubby (his weekend is Friday and Saturday - so now I really am messed up cause kept thinking today was Saturday!). Weather is chillier so we went and got our first pallet of pellets and stacked them in the garage,,,,which then reminded us that we had not gotten the stove cleaned and serviced this year. Made the phone call and really got worried when the guy said he had gotten 15 calls - but have an appt. for next Wednesday morning so not too bad since next week is supposed to be cooler!

Got the truck washed and the truck and car filled up.

Went to Alden Lane and spent $$ on soil supplements for our garden so we can get it all prepped, plant the cover crop, and hopefully do better next year! So came home and we unloaded 10 huge bags of soil stuff and 2 very heavy 50 lb bags of gypsum....

Aren't these the cutest things? These were at Alden Lane.....

Then we went to a movie. I don't think we have been to a movie since August!!! Which is no big deal for me but amazing for hubby! Saw Captain Phillips - and yes, we knew the outcome, but it was very good and kept attention because you were "living" it with him rather than just reading about it or hearing about it on the news. What his family must have gone thru - I just can't imagine.

Was going to come home and walk the dog but his cousin was here and we told him he needed to play with his cousin cause I wanted to get into my sweats and slippers - I am starting to feel a little sleepy now!!

Tomorrow we will go to a swim meet - yup, fall meets - and hear all about our oldest GS's first Science Camp - a week away from home! And hopefully find out what he wants for his birthday next month!

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