Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wednesday and Thursday

 This is a quote at the Bishop Museum that I loved!
 Sunset from the A'ma A'ma restaurant at Aulani
 Ok - the food was good - and expensive - but honestly not nearly as expensive as I expected. The wine was very expensive - but since it all has to be imported....I trusted the waitress on this choice - a deep sea fish called Machong - Ma Chon - something like that. It came out and I though oh wow - that is a huge piece of fish....yup....ate every bite of it! It was sooooooo good.  We split a dessert and I cannot believe that I did not get a photo of it. We ordered a guava/apple tart with ice cream. And we received a plate that was this huge mound of sticky, fluffy, pink stuff. COTTON CANDY! You lifted that off, and underneath was this little 3" -4" tart with maybe a large teaspoon of ice cream on it. Bleh.  So I let husband have that while I ate the cotton candy!

Thursday we decided to go to the Bishop Museum instead of the Polynesian Cultural Center. Didn't want to tie up a whole day. Anyway - there are about 5 buildings to explore, and really only one of them was worth it. The ports memorabilia was really only a short hall lined with some photos; the other building was going to have an interactive Lego thing in it - on the floor upstairs was a display about all the cultures that make up the islands....well, it was 98% Japanese - only a tiny bit islanders, and only 2 items about the Portugese. It was interesting but not what I expected. The last building was the science building, but almost 3/4 of the displays had signs on them that they were not working. So we spent a lot of time walking around things that were total waste....
 This is a refuse pot - throw your trash in this! And those white things??? Human teeth!
 Hey Lukie DUKIE - this is for you!

 I love this diamond bracelet - a gift for Queen Emma - years ago yet still looks modern
 Beautiful handcarving
Reading about the history of the Bishop Museum was also interesting - http://www.bishopmuseum.org/aboutus/
Isnt this display beautiful? Thought I wrote down the artist's name but apparently I did not....
Forgot to take photos of the most beautiful handmade purses in the gift shop - I drooled, but couldn't convince myself to spend $275!!!

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