Monday, October 21, 2013

Winding It All Up (or Down)

In no particular order because the system is acting up.....these were all from the last two days of our stay. Checked out of Aulani Saturday morning, and spent Saturday night in Waikiki
 Makua and Kila....a children's story....beautiful art
 Father Damion
 I can well believe that spirits live here....this is on the Na Pali lookout....and area of important but very bloody history
 our last sunset on Oahu....on our way to a wonderful (HA!) dinner....I let hubs chose and so he chose a buffet in the Royal Hawaiian Center....beware of places that do not list alcohol because they were "renewing their liquor liscence and it takes a month to do so"....very small choices....the hot food wasn't....the cold food wasn't.....the only good thing to fill up on were the mini desserts.....we were seated alone in the very far back corner of the place (we were also the only white couple there)....underneath the speaker that was BLARING music the whole time. And this wonderful repast? Yeah, $48 PER PERSON....
 For my grandson!
 Do I need to say anything about this? I didn't think so....
 Sunset as seen from the plane
 Island pride
 Down near the docks
 What can I say - speaks to me!
 Love the name of this place!
The Duke....
 Saved my money and went to Hawaii planning to buy this Wave necklace (well, not this exact one, a less expensive version). I could buy it in CA from the same chain store....but I wanted to get it in Hawaii
The wonderful sales clerk showed me so many beautiful things - including jewelry made from antique mother of pearl gambling ships - and then she showed me this Waterfall....oh my.....which to buy????? I could not make up my mind!!!! So I can home with neither one!
 This house was near our hotel. The yard and roof covered with pigeons....and the inside was filled with bird cages too. Wonder if they just loved birds or if they raise them to eat?
 Our 2d day on the island we saw a rainbow....the day before we leave, another rainbow...
Surfing at Waikiki.....movies are made of this stuff!

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