Sunday, November 11, 2007

5th birthday party

Kaia - our little POlish Yenta???? Tried to get her into the pirates mood...there she is again - no she wasnt drinking - trying to get a photo while holding her is tricky!

Kaia's big brother Owen arrived wearing his own Captain Owen hat and shirt with Mickey Mouse explaining how to be a pirate....from his visit to Disneyland last year!

Little brother Jack who - although you cant see it in a still photo - was rocking out to pirate music! He kept his pirate hair and hat on throughout most of the party!

What is a pirate party anymore without your very own Capt Jack Sparrow showing up????? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

The birthday boy himself in his pirate gear! No - this was a special outfit just for the party - he was Spiderman for Halloween (brother was a lion!). He was Mr. Social and seemed to have a very good time!!!!
Time really goes by quickly the older you get....seems like just yesterday that his mom was telling us about his November arrival...and here he is such a big boy at 5 years old!

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